Mini Skip Hire

Mini Skip hire comes in handy when you don’t need to dispose of a large quantity of rubble or you don’t have space to have a larger skip on your site. Mini Skips are easy to store and quick to dispose of. Mini Skips are commonly used to hold smaller loads of construction and demolition waste.

Mini Skip bins

Mini Skip Bins are also used for various jobs that need to be rubble to be taken away. Need a Mini skips hire to take the waste to a landfill or to be recycled in some other way.

If you are planning on doing any kind of renovation or demolition around your home and property, or revamping of your garden, rubble from construction material and garden refuse is going to start piling up, and it is in the easy disposal of this rubble, waste or garden refuse where our and it is here that the experience of Skip Hire Group will be of maximum benefit to you in terms of saving time and space. We would like to be your first port of call when you need to hire a mini skip. Perhaps putting it all together and taking it to the nearest landfill has crossed your mind, but, the many benefits of hiring one of our skips far outweigh trying to dispose of the waste yourself.



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Hiring a mini skip

A cost effective and space saving solution to disposing of garden waste or rubble removal from renovations or landscaping, leaving the correct sorting and following of municipal by-laws governing waste disposal in our experienced hands.

We ensure the proper disposal of waste, keeping up to date and working in accordance with strict dumping procedures at landfill sites. There are restrictions placed on the difference between what is considered ‘household waste’ and ‘business waste’ as set out by various municipalities and by-laws, which is where our expertise will be of great benefit to you in ensuring that proper measures are in place when disposing of your waste.

In built up areas such as housing complexes, hotels and shopping centers, among others, our mini skips are the perfect solution because of their compact size, in areas where the use of large trucks are restricted because of their weight, height and size.

Our mini skips

Our mini skips require a minimum space, and your construction, demolition or garden waste will be disposed of in the best possible way in order to protect the environment. Sorting through your waste is a thankless task to say the least, with most items not being disposed of in the most efficient way, but we make it easy for you, we sort it and make sure that it is all disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way.

Once your landscaping or home renovation is complete, we are just a call away to deliver a mini skip, or two, to your premises, depending on your requirements. All you need to do is fill the mini skip with your rubble, then sit back and relax while we collect and distribute your waste either to a landfill or a recycling depot.

Skip Hire Group is the safest, cleanest and most convenient route to take in disposing of your waste, in keeping with our mandate for a better environment.

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